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House Cats

The National Audubon Society says 100 million birds a year fall prey to cats in the U.S.

Dr. Stan Temple of the University of Wisconsin estimates that in Wisconsin alone, about 7 million birds a year are killed by cats.

cat eating bird

Cats killing songbirds is not "just part of nature". House cats were not a predator found in the world of North American birds until they were introduced by humans in the last several hundred years. Our migratory birds and their young are not adapted to survive the devastating effects of this introduced species.

What can be done to reduce cat-related injuries and death for birds?

  1. Keep house cats indoors at all times. Cats raised indoors exclusively will not "miss" being outside. Cats indoors are healthier and safer.
  2. Supervise any cat that is let outside until it is brought back inside. (Putting a bell on cats is not an effective way to warn birds of attack.)
  3. Spay or neuter all cats and do not release them back into the wild. Fewer cats means fewer songbird predators. Feral cat populations have devastating effects on birds.

For more information visit: American Bird Conservancy's "Cats Indoors" page

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